Rescue, relationship, recovery and resources to women and children experiencing sexual exploitation and sex trafficking.

Get Equipped

Our Programs



A trauma-informed residential recovery program for women coming out of the sex industry and adult victims of Sex Trafficking.

Exit Strategy

A diversion program for women facing prositution charges that gives women the opportunity to engage in the Purchased program in place of jail time.

Stripped University

A program designed to move women out of the exotic dancing industry and into self-sufficiency.


A trauma-informed program for high risk teenage girls, aged 12-17, and identified victims of child trafficking.


A program designed to address and heal the demand side of sexual exploitation.  This includes Cyber Patrols to disrupt the buying of sex online & John School diversion through the DA’s office.

Want to Volunteer?

Volunteers are used at every level of our ministry: mentoring, serving on outreach teams, teaching classes, special events at our safe houses and so much more. To serve with Purchased you MUST ATTEND The Hub’s Equip Training! Below, there is a list of ways you will be able to get involved after attending Equip Training.

Get Equipped

How can you get involved? 


Purchased Not for Sale classes run on a 6 week rotation and our classes range from biblical, recovery, creative, and exercise. We provide all the resources and curriculum you need for the classes! 


Friend-toring is an opportunity for a one on one relational building through cultivating friendship, leading through discipleship, and investing in the life of someone who has taken her first steps to a new life. We ask that you commit to seeing/talking your mentee at least once a week!

Reclaimed Friendtor

Joining the Reclaimed Team is an opportunity for one-on-one relational building through cultivating friendship, leading through discipleship, and investing in the lives of these young ladies! They need a friend in their lives that is a positive influence! Friendtors will have multiple opportunities to hangout with your Friendtee throughout the month… Monthly Reclaimed Nights, Safe Place Fridays, and even summer camp!


Stripped Outreach

Stripped is a relationship based mentoring program for women in the exotic dancing industry. Stripped provides one on one mentoring, access to free medical care, counseling, a GED program, and job resources. Our outreach allows us into local exotic dancing clubs 1-2x each month! 



Jail Outreach

On our monthly jail outreaches, volunteers can choose to go into the jails or stay behind for virtual outreach. Jail team is the first point of contact for women who eventually come into our residential program. In other words, extending compassion, kindness, and access to the resources that Purchased provides can (and often does) set the path to a restored life in motion!



The sex industry and human trafficking only exists because of supply and demand. On the Demand team, you’ll be trained to participate in monthly Cyber Patrols designed to disrupt the buying of sex online as it’s happening and be able to sign up for Demand Protection to provide safety needs for the women volunteering in attending outreaches and any residential safe house issues.


Report Trafficking

The most important action you can take to protect a vulnerable person from exploitation or trafficking is to report any suspected cases to the relevant authorities.

Do You Need Help?

If you are in an unsafe situation and need immediate help, please call 911 or contact us through our hotline.

Purchased Hotline

318-230-7482 (In the North LA Region Only)

National Trafficking Hotline



restored life for everyone

restored life for everyone

restored life for everyone

restored life for everyone

restored life for everyone

Volunteer Highlights

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