Report Human Trafficking

The most important action you can take to protect children & vulnerable people from abuse, exploitation or trafficking is to report any suspected cases to the relevant authorities.  One simple phone call or text could save someone’s life.

If you suspect human trafficking is happening:

Call or Text Purchased Hotline
318-230-7482 (In the North Louisiana Region)

Call or Text the National Trafficking Hotline


Know The Signs


Behavior Based Signs

• Isolation from community, family or friends

• Frequent movement / erratic schedule

• Have access to goods or services they can not afford and/or excessive amounts of cash

• Multiple hotel keys and/or multiple cell phones

• Restricted and/or scripted communication

• Act submissive or scared; lack of eye contact

• Person is transient or no address (or the person doesn’t know what city he/she is in)

• Third-party control of schedule and social interactions

• Identification documents in the hands of a third party

• Refers to someone as “daddy” or another familial term

• Someone with them at all times / this person may seem controlling or dominating

Child-Specific Signs

• Runaway tendencies / habitual “runner”

• Multiple foster placements

• Homelessness

• Distinct changes: school attendance, habits, appearance, social friend groups, interests…etc.

• Truancy

• Luxury items like manicures, designer clothing, purses…etc.

• Getting into trouble in the company of older teens or adults

• Sexually provocative clothing

• Multiple phone/social media accounts

• Lying about social media accounts or refusing access to them to guardian

• Sexually provocative pictures on the phone or online accounts

• Claim of an older boyfriend/girlfriend

• Lying about age/false identification

Medical Signs

• Signs of psychological trauma: anxiety, panic attacks, “triggering,” depression or flat affect

• Substance abuse or withdrawals

• Bruising, scars, burns, cuts, especially those in non apparent places

• Evidence of violence or abuse: bruising, scarring, etc.

• Tattoos or branding

• Malnutrition, dehydration, exhaustion

• Recurring STDs, multiple pregnancies and/or multiple abortions

restored life for everyone

restored life for everyone

restored life for everyone

restored life for everyone

restored life for everyone