The Lovewell Center

How It Works

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The Lovewell Center is The Hub’s primary outreach to the homeless and people in poverty. The Lovewell uses an empowering model of ministry, giving participants the opportunity to earn the resources they need while also being equipped to leave the grips of poverty. Inside The Lovewell Center are four businesses where the physical needs of the poor can be met: The Dresswell, an apparel store, The Eatwell, a food pantry, The Smellwell, a laundromat and The Drinkwell, a coffee shop.

Those who come through the doors are registered for a “Lovewell Card” and given opportunities to earn points through a semester system of classes and meetings. As they earn they can then use their earnings to shop in any of our four stores. Nothing we have is free, but it’s freely theirs if they earn it. This model challenges the entitlement mentality and teaches each person that they have value and worth and can do whatever they set their mind to. Dignity and worth are restored through The Lovewell Center, and individuals are learning, growing and gaining the tools they need to leave poverty and live a self-sufficient life.

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Through the Lovewell Center, individuals are given a place they belong, rescue from the heat and cold, rescue from the chaos of life on the street, even if for an afternoon.  Newly homeless individuals are also connected to local shelters, safe houses or housed through The Lovewell’s housing program.

Through our classes Lovewell members receive the tools necessary to change their lives, which translates to rescue on many levels: from life on the street, from addiction, from abuse and from the crippling cycle of poverty.

As a member of The Lovewell program, the people we serve also have access to housing, a literal rescue from homelessness, through our housing programs.

Our work at The Lovewell is rooted in relationship with those who come through our doors.  We desire to know the people we serve, know them as friends and fight side by side with them to see their lives change.  

The Lovewell also hosts hundreds of volunteers, who in turn are also building relationships with the individuals we serve.

These relationships are life giving to someone in poverty and begin the process of life change.

As a member of The Lovewell Center, individuals gain access to life changing resources through The Lovewell classes.  These classes include topics such as:

  • Creativity
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Addiction Recovery
  • Emotional Recovery
  • Job training
  • Money Management
  • Life Skills

The Lovewell aims to see those we serve completely free from the cycle of poverty and homelessness. Through The Lovewell classes individuals learn to become free from addiction and learn how to recover from the chaotic life of substance abuse.  Through focused case management by Lovewell Staff individuals are connected to counseling and therapy encouraging mental health recovery. Through The Lovewell’s housing programs, homeless individuals gain access to a home, the first step to full recovery from systemic poverty.

Full recovery of the whole person is the aim at The Lovewell Center.  We desire to see free people; free from homelessness, free from addiction, free from mental illness, and free from the crushing cycle of poverty, walking in the life that God created them to live.