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Have you ever wondered what it takes for a life to be fully restored? These items represent important parts of the story of restoration for the people we serve. Scroll through, read, learn and then choose one to invest in! Your generosity makes you a part of the story of restoration!

Can you imagine moving through life without an ID; without any document proving who you are? Everything it takes to create a self-sufficient life requires an ID: getting a job, renting an apartment, getting a Dr.’s appointment. None of these things can be done without identification! The Hub supplies the people we serve, through The Lovewell and Purchased, with all of the identifying documents that they need! Jump in and help identify our friends by becoming The ID!


Can you imagine how dirty a house would get if 300 people came through it? And you thought your teenage boy was bad! The Lovewell Center invites, on average, 1,000 people a month through its doors! Talk about a mess! Help us get the floors so clean you could eat off of them. We wouldn’t recommend that you did...but you could.


We all agree that there’s nothing better than a hot cup of joe to jumpstart the day! Most of us would choose coffee over most things before 10 am. The Lovewell Members have an equal passion for coffee! Help us give them a fresh jolt every morning by jumping in as The Cup of Joe!


Who doesn’t love a party? Parties mark special occasions, reasons to celebrate and momentous milestones! For people in poverty, celebrations have not been a regular part of their rhythm of life. A life in survival mode doesn’t have room for a party. We want to change that! Help us celebrate the big and small achievements, sobriety milestones, graduation of programs, birthdays, baby showers...all of the momentous occasions of the lives of the people The Hub serves! Who’s ready to party? Become The Party Hat and help us celebrate the lives of the people we serve!


Our free membership-based, private club for those in poverty, The Lovewell Center, is an 8,000 square foot facility located in downtown Shreveport. Since opening our doors in 2013, over 5,000 people experiencing poverty and homelessness have joined our club and gotten access to thousands of resource items like food, clothing, blankets, and clean laundry etc. by attending classes designed to move them out of poverty, addiction and homelessness and into self-sufficiency. The Lovewell Center offers an empowering approach to serving those in poverty, learning and earning in exchange for the resources they need. We are open four afternoons a week as a safe place for our members to hang out, rest, and build a community. Your investment in THE LOVEWELL CENTER makes you a champion of The Lovewell Center and help us continue our effort to serve the poor in a way that changes their lives!


The Hub, through our ministry Purchased, works to offer sex workers a way out of the sex industry and freedom from sex trafficking for both children and adults. Purchased offers programs for women in exotic dancing, women in prostitution and victims of human trafficking, both children and adults, that range from residential long-term recovery to diversion programs through the DA’s office. Purchased is an outreach-first model of ministry going into the highest risk areas of our city to reach those experiencing exploitation. Purchased works with local and federal law enforcement, the court system, the jail system, schools, hotels and hospitals to make sure that our community is responsive when victims of trafficking are identified. Your investment in PURCHASED NOT FOR SALE makes you a part of offering those in sexual exploitation and trafficking access to rescue, relationships, recovery and resources through Purchased: Not for Sale.


Both The Lovewell Center and The Purchased recovery programs are centered around trauma-informed, Biblically- based teaching, classes, counseling and a ton of other resources. Every curriculum is packed with essential, life changing wisdom and skill building! Want to help shape and mold minds into a new, restored way of living? Put your thinking cap on and help us cover the cost of curriculum for both Lovewell Members and Purchased recovery participants.


The sound of an egg being cracked in the morning is the reminder that breakfast is coming. Every Wednesday morning the Lovewell serves a hot breakfast to 100+ people. Be the sunny side up to their day by providing a hot, fresh breakfast!


There’s nothing that makes you feel like you belong more than sharing a meal around a table. Pulling up a chair means more than eating a hot meal, it means that you are a part of something. Across The Hub’s ministry we are constantly telling people “You Belong!” Help us create a seat at the table for everyone we serve through covering our Community Meals at The Lovewell Center, where more than 200 individuals a week find a place they belong and a belly full of healthy food.


Things always need fixing around The Lovewell Center and Purchased: Not for Sale. The Lovewell Center sees 300 people a month who come in to do laundry, use the wifi and computers, get their hair done in the salon and purchase items they need on The Lovewell’s debit card system. Purchased houses women in residential homes as well as runs a program facility. All of these resources equal plenty of malfunctions, breaks and general wear and tear. Help us keep our equipment running so that those using our facilities have access to everything they need.


How often do you take for granted what happens when you flip the switch in your home to turn on the lights? Such a mundane action that we do all day long. For those that The Hub serves, a safe place with electricity is hard to come by. The Lovewell turns the lights on 3 days a week for our members, giving them a place to escape the weather, attend classes and reap the benefits of consistent electricity. Help us light up their lives and keep the literal lights on!


The Lovewell VIP club is for Lovewell Members who are ready for deep restoration and change. VIP members get access to counseling, drug recovery, life development classes, a grocery stipend, a mentor and a member care plan designed to move them out of poverty and into self-sufficiency. Want to get on the VIP level? Jump in and help cover their expenses!


“Recovered” is the The Purchased: Not for Sale residential program. Recovered puts a roof over the heads of women coming out of the sex industry and victims of human trafficking. For most residents, it’s the first real home they’ve ever lived in, and for all of them, it is definitely the safest, most stable environment they have ever experienced. The homes we provide are theirs for the duration of the 2 years that they are in the recovery program. While in these homes, Purchased covers all expenses for them, removing the burden and stress of finances from them and allowing them to focus on their healing.


You know that feeling of walking into a warm house when it is cold outside or taking a break from the sun in the A/C? Well, in Louisiana, the weather is scorching HOT and then it’s freezing COLD and for many of our Lovewell Members the Lovewell provides a place for them to get out of the fickle weather. The Lovewell serves as an escape from the cold and heat for countless lives. Help us keep them comfortable by becoming The Lovewell Thermostat!


Have you ever opened up your pantry and realized all you had left was a can of green beans? Not a ton of meal options come from just a few cans of green beans! At the Lovewell Center, green beans are the top donated item and though we love a good string bean we want to provide our Lovewell Members a main course instead of just a side dish. The Eatwell is The Lovewell's food pantry for members to shop in with the points that they have earned from programs and classes. Access to healthy food is a privilege that many The Hub serves don't have. Having plenty of options of healthy food is a relief to those in poverty and homelessness.


One of the best feelings in the world is unwrapping a gift that someone hand-selected just for you. It’s second only to being the one who gets to give the gift! Every month, Purchased: Not for Sale does outreaches into low income/high risk neighborhoods, strip clubs, and jails to connect with women who are in the sex industry and women and children who are experiencing sex trafficking. We bring gifts because we want to make sure that everyone we meet knows they are seen and known and loved right where they are, just as they are. These gifts open the door for conversation, often leading to the rescue and recovery of lives in our city!


You remember when you graduated high school and your overzealous mom took 849 awkward pictures and through tears said, “Weren’t you just starting school??” Well, when our ladies complete our two year Purchased “Recovered” program, they’re the graduates and our whole staff becomes the snotty, overzealous mom. We’re so proud of our women! That’s why upon graduation, their gift from us is access to an apartment, a down payment on a vehicle or a semester of college! We want to be sure they’re set up for success. Want to help lay a foundation of self-sufficiency with us?


Do you know that feeling that you get when you open a hand-written letter from someone that you care about? Through the Purchased jail outreach, our staff and volunteers establish relationships with women who are incarcerated for prostitution. A big part of developing those relationships happens through hand-written mail sent to inmates to help build a bridge of trust and friendship, that will hopefully transition into them joining on of the Purchased recovery programs. Help provide the stationary and ensure every woman incarcerated for prostitution gets a letter in the mail!


Office supplies are one of those mundane things that are oh-so-easy to forget about when you’re working at a nonprofit... that is until Cassie, our Founder, is spelunking our cabinets in search of the perfect 4.125 x 9.5 envelope to send out some thank you notes. Will you please help her find that perfect envelope?


At The Hub, we believe in immediate and abundant grace. That is why we have partnered with the DA’s office to give women in the court system a second chance, the gift of grace and an alternate route to recovery in place of incarceration. When a woman is arrested for prostitution, she may be eligible to be given the choice of entering the Purchased Diversion program in place of jail time. Through the diversion program, Purchased pays participant’s fees and bonds and makes the way into our program possible. Upon completion of the diversion program, the charges of prostitution are dropped from the participant’s record, giving them a fresh start!


Supply and demand, one of the most basic principles of a society, is also the most basic principle at play in the existence of Sex Trafficking and prostitution. Without the demand, the supply would go away. Without buyers, the prostitution industry would have to dissolve, and without prostitution sex trafficking would end. Purchased, in partnership with the DA’s office, hosts a quarterly class called John School. John school is for first and second time offenders of solicitation, the buying of someone in prostitution, and is a pre-trial diversion. John School is an educational intervention program, aimed at teaching those who solicit sex about the harms of prostitution and the connection of solicitation to sex trafficking. We hope that those who attend learn the effects of buying prostitution not just on themselves, but those that they purchase and our community as a whole, and that they are able to make different, healthier decisions in the future.


We believe everyone deserves to look good and feel good in the clothes they wear. The Lovewell’s clothing and accessory store, The Dresswell, gives Lovewell Members the opportunity to decide what clothes they want for any occasion. It’s also their one-stop-shop for home goods, undergarments, and unused hygiene products. Do you want to help our Lovewell Members be the best dressed?


We all know how fresh we feel after getting our hair done! A proper haircut is a luxury that some of our Lovewell Members don’t get to experience often. Once a month, licensed hair stylists come to our facility to wash, cut, and style their hair at no charge in our Lovewell Center salon, The Stylewell! Want to help them get that spa treatment?


We believe going to a counselor when you’re feeling sad, overwhelmed or emotionally unhealthy should be as normal as going to the doctor when you have a stomach bug or hiring a trainer when you want to get in shape. Many individuals that The Hub serves have experienced significant trauma that they need professional guidance to process through and heal from. Through our Lovewell VIP program and the Purchased recovery programs, we are able to provide trauma informed counseling to every participant, free of charge to them. This counseling is crucial to their healing and future. Want to help them find healing through counseling?


There are few things better than pulling warm, clean clothes out of the dryer or crawling onto so-fresh-and-smell-so-great sheets at night. The Lovewell Center wanted to bring that ability to our members. That’s why we have eight industrial sized washers and dryers that can accommodate over 100 loads of our member’s laundry each week! Our laundromat, the Smellwell, is the only laundromat in walking distance for many that we serve. Do you want to help wash some clothes?


Ah, the common denominator of everyone’s life: the toilet paper roll. We all need it, we all use it, we all forget to buy it until it’s… too late (if you catch our drift). The Lovewell Center sees hundreds of individuals who are in need of a public bathroom, seeing as there are very few in the downtown area. Purchased houses 12 women and runs a program space for many more. Toilet paper, as small and mundane as it may seem, is one of those things that is always needed and brings a small sense of security to those we serve. Want to keep the paper rolling? Be the toilet paper!


Did you know the average age of entry into prostitution is 12 years old? When someone under the age of 18 experiences sexual exploitation and becomes a victim of human trafficking, they experience unspeakable trauma and immediately need rescue and access to deep and long term recovery. Often, victims are placed into foster care due to the lack of a safe home to live in. Foster parents often understand that they are opening their homes to children facing trauma, but sexual exploitation is a level of trauma that they may not know how to handle. That is why we have partnered with DCFS to train foster parents that want to care for children coming out of sexual exploitation. The children placed in a Reclaimed home are also enrolled in a trauma-informed recovery program. Purchased aims to fight for the rescue and full restoration of child victims of sex trafficking. Want to be a part of the rescue effort?


In 2018, researchers at St. Louis University completed a study on the feminine health of women living in poverty in the United States and discovered that approximately half of women surveyed confirmed there were months they could not afford to buy both food and feminine products. We want to make sure that is a choice that the women and girls we serve never have to make. Want to help us?


Do you know how it feels to flash your Sam’s Club card or whip out your membership card to your favorite club? It feels so nice to belong to something and receive the perks of whatever club you belong to! At the Lovewell Center, we believe people in poverty should be able to feel that same sense of belonging and ownership! That is why when someone enters our doors for the first time, they are given a membership card. With that card, they are able to earn points on their membership account by attending classes and programs to be “spent” at any of our Lovewell stores. Do you want to help give more people in poverty membership to a place they belong?


Buses in Shreveport run on a hub-and-spoke system, meaning that to get from one neighborhood to the next, you have to take a bus downtown and then catch another to your destination. That’s at least 4 buses round trip! This can be a pretty frustrating waiting game... add in groceries bags or taking the kiddos along at $1.25 per single ride, a trip can be quite an expensive and lengthy ordeal. We want to alleviate some of the stress of that expensive waiting game by providing bus passes to those that we serve through our programs. Want to help those in need get around town? Be The Bus Pass!


The Purchased: Not for Sale “Recovered” program is a restorative, trauma- informed and biblically based residential recovery program designed to heal at every level, giving women coming out of the sex industry and victims of human trafficking the time, resources and education they need to be fully restored. The aim of the Purchased program is to see the lives of the participants restored at every level: emotionally, mentally, physically, relationally, financially and spiritually. Purchased is committed to covering all of the participants financial needs while in recovery, allowing them to fully engage and focus on healing without the pressure of financial obligations. Want to help us cover them while they walk towards healing in their lives?